R&D Company Profile

KOFEIN DIZAJN’s strength is the multidisciplinarity of its team: a renowned researcher on artificial intelligence, prof. dr. Ljupco Todorovski, University of Ljubljana, progressive programmers and a design team with wide experience in business, UX and design. Complementary competences and expertise make the team an interdisciplinary body with great innovative capital, able to transfer the knowledge from core research to market with the best chances of developing truly commercially influential innovation.

Company Culture

The company culture is based on the lean management principles:

  • joy to work. only people who believe in the importance of their contribution to the project and are surrounded by other inspiring people will contribute to the common goal beyond expectations;
  • the application of design thinking in product development;
  • the application of the scientific methods in product development;
  • a culture of teamwork and shared responsibility that cuts through organization.
  • a work environment that assures the quality and safety of all work for both customers and staff.
  • respect for people. It is respect for the voice of the customer and it is respect for those who do the work,
  • respect for society. A benefit to the whole society – in this case spreading culture – is an important company’s value;


More on the company’s R&D profile can be found here (PDF).