Company Profile

Kofein dizajn is a small, private, for-profit organization based in Slovenia. It employs 6 employees and has an annual turnover of 250.000 €.

Our core activities are branding and digital design for the fields of culture and science. The agency is offering:

– a full service of planning and executing the dissemination work package;
– brand strategy and design;
– user experience planning;
– development of user interfaces and websites;
– production of other communication tools;
– wide experience in the fields culture, art, science.

Previous EU grants received:

– TAF DRP – EU Strategy for the Danube Region;
– @Diversity: innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in Europe



PIC number: 946633865

Sector or field: R&D, performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, design and applied arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology;