The names behind the stuff we do.

Zarja Vintar | Founder and Creative Director

In charge of domestic and international communication projects in design, industrial design, branding, research and development.

She is the leader of project YU_GO, overseeing both its concept and implementation. YU_GO is a development project in the field of dissemination of culture that was awarded the European Commission’s @diversity Idea Award and the Slovenia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Award for Innovation.

Zarja Vintar launched the Unified Digital Infrastructure for Arts and Culture Initiative, whose goals have been adopted into local and national policies (e.g. the Alpine Macroregion’s strategic guidelines and Slovenia’s Smart specialisation strategies for sustainable tourism). She is member of numerous other professional, development and strategic initiatives in arts and culture.

She is co-founder of the Hevreka! Institute for the promotion of innovation and culture, where she has worked on national projects to build development infrastructure and promote development synergies between different parts of society (project She is also co-founder of Section for Management and Development of Cultural and Creative Sectors at CCIS.

She is an expert in design, industrial design, branding, digital media development and art management. 


Jana Jazbec | Art Director

Jana is company co-owner and the primary conceptual and creative leader of our collective with extensive experience that has earned several awards. Besides concept and content creation, as well as most of the design work, she also produces infographics, illustrations and photographs.

Her areas of expertise include visual design, strategic planning of visual communications, branding, digital applications development, user experience, infographics and illustration. 


Sara Grabnar | Project Manager

Besides project managing, Sara takes care of customer and social media communications, oversees digital network user experience design and is also our editor. Her areas of expertise include project management, user experience, digital projects development, social media, HR management, business and management studies.

On maternity leave until July 2019.


Darja Klemenčič | Project Manager

Joined the team recently, after years of managing the marketing projects of the biggest Slovenian publisher.

She manages projects, accounts, our social media communications. Her areas of expertise include project management, marketing, social media, editing, but also botany and herbalism :-).


Miha Sušnik | Digital Development Leader

Miha is our main digital applications developer, an expert in user experience and active member of several developer and UX communities. He participates in start-up meet-ups and regularly holds lectures in subjects of user experience, programming and copywriting for various institutions. He is actively co-creating the future of interactive media with his efforts in innovative, ML-based apps development, as well as by being member of the Today is a new day initiative (Danes je nov dan).


Lana Velikonja | Designer

Lana possesses a wide range of experiences in design and design implementation, corporate design development, printed communication media and digital applications. Her main areas of expertise include design, pre-press and pre-digital implementation process.