ELI, a web assistant for people with dementia

One in three people experience memory loss in old age. As we age, new technologies become increasingly difficult to manage, and demographic data which reveal an aging society cause unease. For many technologically illiterate elderly people, digital services which connect, entertain and educate from the comfort of one’s home are practically non-existent.

The ELI program makes the use of online services accessible to those who are not technologically fit. In addition, it encourages us all to think about how technology can bridge physical and generational gaps, as well as combat loneliness and marginalization.

Conversations, music and vivid memories from the comfort of your home desk

With the help of machine learning and a personalized user profile, we are able to offer customized web content to those who otherwise struggle with the computers. The content adjusts to the user’s daily habits. Computer navigation, which represents the main obstacle for the elderly and those with dementia, is simplified to a single touch of the screen which confirms the offered option.

The scope of content ELI can offer is broad: social interactions with family and friends, multimedia content, educational, spiritual, medical and first aid services.

The software will be compatible with all types of devices, but we envision most people using it on tablet computers.

ELI is the recently launched R&D project in the phase of the prototype.

Project information
Creative Direction:

Zarja Vintar

Art Direction:

Jana Jazbec


Vid Ribič, Miha Medven

Project management:

Sara Grabnar


Milano Design Week 2020