WRITE YOUR BEST – user friendly notebooks

To celebrate the season of gift giving, Papermill Goričane created two sets of notebooks as a treat for our friends, but the notebooks were soon requested by other people outside of the circle of our giftees. Both sets were created specifically for this occasion, and are pleasing both to the eye and the pen because instead of the commonly established bright whiteness, we used a slightly toned uncoated cream paper made by Goričane. The notebooks are accompaniedĀ  with a handy self-adhesive vocabulary that can be both inspiring and entertaining. It allows you to create your own headings, or enables pupils and students to label or comment on their notes, written during those endless zoom lessons.

The notebooks have been created in two different versions, a more toned-down one for adults, and a colourful one for students. They are made with the 90 g SORA press cream paper from Goričane, and the WOODSTOCK and SAVILLE ROW cardboards from Fedrigoni.

Project information
Creative Direction:

Zarja Vintar

Art Direction:

Jana Jazbec





Project management:

MaruŔa Kuret


Goričane Papermill