Zmajček Drago in ljubljena Ljubljana

This musical project by Martin Marion (writer, composer, musician) encompassed a CD with twelve children’s songs and a picture book, both published by KOFEIN DIZAJN and illustrated by Jana Jazbec, who was also the lead designer, and Jaka Klemenčič.

Zmajček Drago (in English: Drago, the little dragon) is a small, playful, and gentle dragon with a green belly, who shows himself only to children. Through songs and pictures, we join him on twelve adventures around its home city, Ljubljana. He flies over the rooftops, stops on the Dragon bridge and rides the bus for free, because he is invisible. He is able to hear conversations between buildings and sometimes visits the mayor.

Zmajček Drago in ljubljena Ljubljana is at once a fairytale and a collection of songs. It is a mixture of music, pictures, words, states of mind and imagination. Its eponymous hero is real and make-believe, he is nowhere to be found, while being everywhere.

Besides being a special and unique mixture of music and literature, the project is also an homage to Ljubljana. True, the author Martin Marion, who is a multi-talented artist, actor, musician and writer, moved out of the city 20 years ago to perform in front of audiences around the world as member of the Blue Man Group. But he is still present among the Slovenian audiences, particularly as the main character in Andrej Košak’s film Stanje šoka.

We accompanied the publishing of the book and the CD with the launch of a dedicated website and FB page. Martin also recorded funny short videos with Zmajček Drago, which we included in the printed advertisements via QR codes.

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Project information
Creative Direction:

Zarja Vintar

Art Direction:

Jana Jazbec


Martin Marion


Jaka Klemenčič, Jana Jazbec