konS ≡ the Platform for Contemporary Investigative Arts is an open and evolving structure that seeks to establish links between communities, knowledge institutions, research centers and the economy at a systemic level, with all parties interested in co-creating a sustainable, safer and more ethical future in a dynamic, constantly changing world.

Efforts to establish an active network of research, production and justification of better conditions for research, development and realization of contemporary research art projects, brought together nine partners: Kersnikova, Projekt Atol, Aksioma, Ljudmila, Cona, all from Ljubljana, and the University of Nova Gorica – Academy of Arts, Youth Center Velenje, LokalPatriot Novo mesto and MKC Maribor.

The content and structure of the newly established konS network is shared by a common vision: the establishment of capacity-building hubs where different audiences can be empowered to critically use new technologies (konS ≡ PARK), art research laboratories across the country that enable the production of contemporary research arts (konS ≡ NOVA) and the Laboratory for Speculative Innovation for Translating Farsighted Artistic Ideas and Inventions into Innovations for the Advancement of the Social Environment in Europe (konS ≡ PRACTICE).

All visual communication elements were developed. The corporate identity is based on the constructivist heritage of the word/name KONS and the project’s high-tech mission. Both can be recognized in the identity, founded on an animated logotype.

Project information
Creative Direction:

Zarja Vintar

Art Direction/Design:

Jana Jazbec

Project management:

Maruša Kuret