The GORIČANE website

Website of the Goričane paper mill and its SORA brand. The company is presented as a modern, globally operating and developmentally competent company. The SORA brand contains an ever-expanding range of papers that need to be searched for quickly and efficiently, while ensuring their presentation and technical specification.

Following the example of the world’s leading paper mills, we have created two types of paper classification for the client, by application and by characteristics. The new sorting was also adopted by the Goričane Paper Mill for administrative purposes. Access to the specifications of each paper is provided by a QR code.

After about a year of operation, the new website – as reported by the sales department – is supporting sales activities perfectly, with the subpages of the individual papers registering an increase of more than 100% in traffic compared to the previous site.


Project information
Creative Direction:

Zarja Vintar

Art Direction/Design:

Jana Jazbec


Vid Ribič


Jaka Babnik


KOFEIN, Tovarna papirja Goričane



Project management:

Maruša Kuret


Tovarna papirja Goričane