Divljaci / Savages, Danijel Žeželj

Good design is … if it didn’t spoil this book one bit.

Danijel Žeželj is a world-class illustrator and comic artist, who helped us create the BITCH brand (THEMAKINGOFGRAPA.COM). We continue our collaboration by designing his authored work, a personal diary, dedication and guide to the suburbs of the invisible city: “This series of the portraits of writers – writers being those who capture with words what cannot be captured – began and continues as a response to my relationship with “the word,” the primal word and the everyday word. When the word fails to express what is asking to be expressed, the picture seeks the answer and the way out, for the flickering light that appears and disappears between the word and the image. Savages is a personal journal, a tribute and a guide through the outskirts of the invisible city.”  -DŽ

Format 20 x 25 cm, hardcover.


Project information
Art Direction:

Jana Jazbec


Danijel Žeželj