The ELES Group – presentation

The ELES Group’s publication Sooblikujemo evropski elektroenergetski prostor (“Co-creating a European Electricity Area”) initially describes the Group’s strategic orientation and its results. It then moves on to present its subsidiaries and other connected companies, and the synergies and collaborations between them.

From a design and content point of view, the project was a considerable challenge, as it required the development of the Group’s umbrella brand, which had to be compatible with all of the individual brand identities of its subsidiaries. The ELES Group’s corporate presentation is an important communication tool. In terms of the content, it is both strategic and informative, and with regard to the design, it has to be representative as well as cost-effective. In other words, a difficult set of requirements for a single presentation.



Project information
Creative Direction:

Zarja Vintar

Art Direction/Design:

Jana Jazbec


Skupina ELES; Mojca Drevenšek, Consensus

Project management:

Alice Camara


Skupina ELES