Trees, Petra Varl

Catalog to the New York Exhibition of Trees by artist Petra Varl. The artistic contribution was contributed by the artist, while the design challenge was to present a series of works of different sizes from 15 cm to 6 m, the quality of which, in addition to the motif, is also based on the materiality or color of the material used and its folding, in a miniature format of 12 x 16 cm and using only  the usual offset printing. 40 shades of white.

Trees are the subject of Varl’s new work. At the forefront are mainly the repetition of the motif and the artist’s creative process. Varl’s instincts are entirely visual, emotional and experimental. In this way, an extensive series creates a multifaceted discourse on ways of seeing, understanding and perceiving images. The tree images are not identical; each one is different, unique and special, just as trees themselves are. Through her endless repetition of the subject Varl is also alluding to the common saying,“You can’t see the forest for the (individual) trees.”This calls into question the limits of the human perception of things, because our sensitivity to certain impulses diminishes when there are too many of them.The creative process here was similar: at first intuitive, then repetitive.The narrative element has mostly fallen away, shifting to a less cognitive and more experiential level.

Miha Colner


Catalog; soft binding, 12 x 16 cm, 40 pages.


Project information
Creative Direction:

Zarja Vintar

Art Direction/Design:

Jana Jazbec


Petra Varl


Jaka Babnik

Project management:

Sara Grabnar


Petra Varl