No creativity without art. No progress without creativity.

That is why we devote ourselves fully to cultural projects. Artistic activities are our main source of competencies and inspirations that drive everything we create.  

More than a third of our worktime is spent developing original solutions in the fields of cultural promotion and audience creation. A large part of these endeavours is non-profit in nature.

Among several awards, we are especially proud of those we received for developing innovative solutions for the promotion of arts. We develop recommendation systems for cultural events, which are joined under the common trademark YU_GO. As part of this project and several others, we collaborate with numerous cultural institutions, such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenian Tourist Board, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Kino Šiška, Španski Borci, Ribnica Handicraft Centre – Miklova Hiša Gallery, Motovila, Centre for the Promotion of Cooperation in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Republic of Slovenia’s Public Fund for Cultural Activities. 

We have supported or published books, art monographies, exhibition catalogues and other publications: Rone – And the beat goes on, Mare Mutić – Substract, Martin Marion – Zmajček Drago in ljubljena Ljubljana, Petra Varl – Trees, Goričane tovarna papirja Medvode – Zgodovina papirnice Goričane, Jure Škerl – Megla dni. 

We are active in the development of national and local strategies for the fields of tourism and culture and are one of the founding members of the Section for Management and Development of Cultural and Creative Industries at the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Slovenia.